Pere Marquette fishing report -May 22nd

Some very warm weather on the Pere Marquette over the last couple days has meant some good bug hatches. Expect cooler temperatures this week with a cold front coming through last night, but that shouldn’t hurt the hatches too much. Gray drakes are coming very soon and the hex hatch is just around the corner.

Hatch fishing has been best the hour or two before dark with only sporadic risers during the day despite very good  hatches of what appeared to be March browns in the fly water Saturday morning. The upper river is running quite clear and is coming down to summer levels. The middle and lower river are holding a decent stain and we’ve turned some fish on streamers in the middle of the day, but it’s not a very high probability game. Night time mousing should be starting up here very soon.

Andrew and Dan were up last week and had some great weather. They threw rapalas in the middle river and did pretty well on 12-14″ fish. Steve’s cousin caught a couple very nice trout in the middle river on Thursday.

We’re all heading up to Beaver Island for the media outing on Thursday. Steve and Kevin still have some great June and July openings for carp and smallmouth on the flats, so drop us a line. JP, Caleb and myself will be hitting Grand Traverse Bay for a couple days before the outing so stay tuned for that as well. I’ll be back on the Pere Marquette next Monday and looking to get out after some trout. We’re all very excited for what is shaping up to be a great summer.

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