Beaver Island media outing

Let me tell you about a dream I had the other night. I’ve got the five weight out and I’m casting dries to the current break. The beautiful stream born, golden sided, red spotted brown trout grows in my mind to grotesque proportions. Spots fade, giant scales come into view, stomach distends like a white basketball. The mouth grows round. He’s not sipping Hendricksons. He’s sucking down six inch gobies like I eat burritos. This fish starts bulldogging and slowly picks up steam with a confusing inertia and before I know it I’m 100 yards into the backing, wide eyed and slack jawed with a forearm burning. The cold wind and tannin stained waters turn to hot sun and the blue green flats of Lake Michigan. I’m on Beaver Island.

Then I’m startled awake by the loud hiss of a big truck’s brakes outside my window. Nope. Still trout season.

Even though the best of the year’s trout fishing is just getting started, and there’s still good numbers of steelhead around, we’re starting to look ahead to another great summer in the islands. And we’re extremely excited to be bringing to Beaver Island some of fly fishing’s most illustrious writers, photographers, videographers and ne’er-do-wells, a regular rat pack of fluff chuckers and double haulers the likes of which haven’t been seen since Vince Marinaro and Charlie Fox first cast a hopper from the grassy banks of the Letort.

I’m not sure about that last part, but it sounds good.

From May 26th to the 30th we’re partnering with the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce, Beaver Island Lodge, The Shamrock, the Harbor Market, Fresh Air Aviation and Beaver Island Boat Company to host a media outing. We hope to capture how incredible the fishing is, how incredible the people are, how unexpectedly exotic northern Lake Michigan can be. We are pumped. Stay tuned.

Here’s the roster.

Kirk Deeter: controversial state picker
Bill Konway: Sorry Bill. All dudes.
JP Lipton: intimidating carp since the birth of the internet
Caleb Reinhold: Tarpon? Tarpon are carp practice.
Will Rice: Will this media outing sheen?
Tim Romano: Roosterfish? Roosterfish are carp practice.

lake michigan carp

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