Pere Marquette fishing report -Feb 16th

Sunshine. Sunshine and 45 degrees. It was damn fine to be on the water yesterday. Steve was actually down to his shirtsleeves by the afternoon. The warm up has arrived and snow is melting with wild abandon. Back roads were very icy in the morning, but by the afternoon everything was slush. It’s not supposed to get below freezing again until Friday night. The river is up with a decent stain but certainly not blown out. Yet. We’re over 1000cfs at Scottville and climbing.

We put on in the upper river yesterday and backplugged. We caught two fish straight away and then, with confidence, switched over to the long rods and swung flies. Didn’t touch another fish all day. Such is life. It was an absolutely beautiful day to be out. Two nice, wild, chrome steelhead in the northern sun made us feel pretty great.

With highs in the 50s today Steve and I are on the lower river doing nothing but swinging flies. Hopefully the ice has opened up enough to let us through.

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