Pere Marquette fishing report- August 1st

Daytime fishing has gone from bad to terrible. We’ve rolled a few fish on streamers, had a few fish on hoppers, but five or six hours on the river with nothing to show for it can be very frustrating, particularly when water temps are right around 65. But when the lights go out and the mice go smack, the big browns do eat. We’ve been rolling a lot of fish and sticking a couple good ones too after dark. Mousing on the PM is pretty exciting. Floating down the river in the dark is quite an experience itself, but throw in predatory browns destroying waking mouse patterns and you’ve got a recipe for awesomeness.

Matt was up from Indiana and persevered through a tough day of fishing. But he came out victorious sticking a few nice browns on mice after dark. When darkness falls, redemption comes.

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