Guide Series Seal of Disapproval: Wood Burning Power Plants

Wood burning power plants sound like a terrible idea and we therefore dangle and wiggle thy skinny white specter of disapproval through the hole in our neoprenes in its general direction.

Burning woody debris from sawmills, paper mills and logging operations is a great idea because this debris decays and releases it carbon back into the atmosphere anyway. But harvesting trees for the express purpose of burning them for power will devastate the forests of the upper Midwest for a second time in 100 years. Deforestation is one of the reasons why the Great Lakes are plagued by so many ecological and environmental problems today, why native species were extirpated, why grayling are gone, why coaster brook trout are all but gone. Let’s try not to burn anything for power anymore.

I done heard it’s real windy on them Great Lakes. Wonder why we can’t do wind farms? Even Indiana has wind farms.

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